Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ethan Hearts Horses!

I scrapped this layout most of the day yesterday. I really enjoyed putting it all together. I used SVGCuts Jonathan's Bears svg collection for the Cowboy Bear and Lasso. I also used their Christmas Cookie Party svg collection for the "scalloped top and bottom" for the journaling area. I created the "Hats N Horses"  and "Cowboy Up" captions. I used SVGCuts running horses and cowboy boot freebies also.

I actually used some of my Cricut cartridges on this layout. I used the horse and horseshoes from Create A Critter and the heart tag from Doodlecharms. All printed cardstock is from the DCWV Guy Stack (LOVE) and AC Cardstock(The ONLY solid cardstock I LOVE to cut with) from Earth Tones and Neutrals Collections that I bought from Pumpkin Cart Crafts

 I hope you like em! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coach Designer Bag!

Hey all, after shooting photos of my Eiffel Tower projects I looked beyond the tower and saw the gorgeous designer Coach gift bag I was using as my backgrounds. It just hit me... I could cut that up and use it to make a designer purse using svg files... not just ANY svg files... SVGCuts files!

Amelie's Accessories came with a purse file... along with a lot of other cutesy files! :) If you haven't bought it yet, GO GET IT! ;)

So, here is my Coach inspired SVGCuts purse... Hope you love it like I do!

Ooh La La and L'Amour

I totally love the new svg collection Amelie's Accessories from SVG Cuts. They announced a challenge on their facebook page that the winner of the Eiffel Tower contest would get a stack of DCWV's All About Girls stack from Pumpkin Cart Crafts so I decided to buy the svg set since I cannot turn down a CHALLENGE!

Thank you Mary and Leo! :)

SO... here they are in all their glory! (Pfft... yeah right! LOL)




Thank you!!!

The photos for the last Eiffel Tower does not do it justice at all... I just love the dainty pale peach fibers that are strung around the tower... Ooh La La for sure! :)

Til next time...

HAPPY CRAFTING!  and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life in the FAST Lane!

Well, this layout's name is so true, my precious little angel is growing TOO fast. It was yesterday when he was just 3,4,5,6... you know what I mean.
Anyway, I just love these files from SVGCuts. They gave away a racing flags freebie file last week and then I used the Jonathan's Bear collection again. The cute little pit crew bear was perfect for my layout. I designed the "life in the fast lane" caption using SCAL2 and the trophey I just found on the WWW.

Hope you like it! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Boy At Work!

So, I have finally used my Cricut for what I have purchased it for. After several months (almost a year), I have finally decided to start my nine years of scrapbooking! This past week I have scrapped about 20 pages, but wanted to show just this one right now.

I used the Jonathan's Bears collection from SVGCuts. I just love this collection and had to have it the night it came out!
So here is one page of Ethan's album.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has definately sprung with this project!

So here is another project using SVG Cuts files. I just love this wreath. I made this for a challenge on I bought the wreath at The Dollar Tree and used the SVG Cuts Spring Birdhouses SVG Collection and the Spring Bunnies SVG Collection! I just love how springy it is and really brightens up my family room. I have it in front of the fireplace hanging on my wreath stand!
I used cardstock from the DCWV Mariposa stack and AC Cardstock from the Spring Collection. Let me know what you think! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WAY Out of this World!

So today I was going to create ALL of Tyler's birthday party necessities... (DECORATIONS), but I only had time to do this... while running after ETHAN! :) Ethan is refusing to take naps the last two days. I don't like it. I need my "nap time" too! ;)

So here it is. Tyler's birthday card!





The spaceman is actually attached to a coil of black wire as if he were floating in space. He springs and jiggles when you open the card. I am not finished with this YET, but I will not be posting anymore pics (I dont think). I will be too busy preparing for a birthday party on Saturday. My baby is turning TEN!


As always I used SVG Cuts files.
Out of this world and Waterfall Card svg collections.

I used the cupcakes card from the Waterfall as a template.
Instead of the background, I sized the Jupiter files to be the background.
I then added aliens, shooting star, stars, and galaxy to the "streamers" square located in the "colors_*.svg files.

I hope he likes it! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

My project for the day!

Here is my project for the day. I made each of my boys one for their Easter baskets.

Peeps Box

As you can see on the last image, I changed how it would be opened and shut. I decided that since the doors of the advent calendar did not stay closed and were difficult to open, that I would add ribbon to open and close easier.


I chose the #22 box of the advent calendar.
Resized the #22 inside box height ONLY to 1.606 (don't forget to UNCHECK "keep proportions").
You will find the door cover for box #22 in the "pale_green.svg" file under the "Doors" directory.

I used the "peeps_top.svg" file from the Easter Morning Egg Hunt collection and seperated them to create a single peep!

I chose the colors blue and orange because those were the color peeps the boys chose in the store.

My entire inspiration for this project I owe to my 9 year old son, Tyler. As we walk into Wal-Mart, he screams "Pee-pees!". Oh my gosh did my face turn red and YES, I quickly corrected him! :)
Kids... too cute!

Ethan is sick AGAIN!

I am so over this sick season. Ethan has been sick FOUR times. Two of those he has had ear infections in BOTH ears and bronchitis. YUCK! Leave us along bugs! Doctor appointment today. We will see what it is this time.

On a much HAPPIER note, I will be papercrafting today. (Really no different than any other day). I will be making ALL of the decorations for Tyler's birthday party on Saturday. I can't believe he will be 10. His father and I were teasing him that we were just going to keep him at 9 so that we didn't get any older. He simply asked if he was still getting gifts. I had to ask him FIVE times to write out a birthday wishlist and he came up with "Nothing" as his wish list. I asked him why he didn't write anything down and he said that he wrote the word "nothing" down... (hahaha) SmartA$$! Definately gets his humor from his father!

So the theme for the party is SPACE! He loves astronomy and got a telescope from SANTA (hehe) for Christmas. He has used it a few times. He gets the Astronomy magazine every month and is always talking about our solar system. I have learned a lot from him!

I will be using the "Out of this World" SVG file collection from SVGCuts. I just love their files. They released a new set last week called "Waterfall Cards". I am going to incorporate the space into a waterfall card for him! He will love it. When I was making a birthday card for his teacher he asked if I was going to make him one. I love that he cherishes everything I make them. I have kind of dug myself a hole by doing this tho. Sometimes, I just DON'T want to make a cake or decorations, or cards for that matter. I suggested us going to a theme park this year instead of a party, he has had some PARTIES!, and he still asked if I was going to make the cake. :) This makes me happy. I have made everyone of their birthday cakes. I think homemade tastes better. I make them from scratch, no boxes of cake or frosting. Yes from scratch.

Last year for Ethan's birthday I tackled making marshmallow fondant, messy but pretty! It was a three layer cake, Toy Story theme. NEVER AGAIN... three days of work and no room for food in the fridge. Yes... I threw out good food just to store this cake... that is crazy!

So anyway... Off to papercraft... I will post pics later! :)