Friday, May 15, 2015

Time For A Cup Of Tea

Lisa from The Crafting Cave with you today, ready to share a
 cupcake holder turned gift box and a tea cup! I used the cupcake holder
from SVG Attic's Sweet Shop Party to create a gift box for
a Tea Cup/Tea gift. I used the teacup from SVG Attic's Mom's English Garden Set and
at the moment it is not available.
 It's being reworked to make it more compatible with your machines.
 However, keep checking SVG Attic's site for it.

A little peek through the window with and without the cup.
SVG Attics Sweet Shop Party Cupcake Holder

SVG Attics Sweet Shop Party Cupcake Holder, SVG Attic's Mom's English Garden

Okay, first let me say this.....I was blown away by
the size of this cupcake holder. I wasn't thinking full size cupcakes.
I was thinking mini, I don't know why. I figured if nothing else, I would use the cupcake holder
turned Tea Shop to gift the tea and wrap the cup/saucer separately.
No need, the box is big enough!

SVG Attics Sweet Shop Party Cupcake Holder, Cup of Tea
I was a little intimidated when I first started looking at the cupcake holder.
I know, it looks like it would take some time! I'm hear to tell you, it doesn't.

All I did was cut out the pieces using two cutting mats. I assembled as
I cut. I let the paper do all the work for me. So, literally, I cut and glued.
I just made sure to have my supplies and file organized before I started.
 I layered the bottom for stability with two layers of paper and one layer
corrugated paper. I punched two holes for ribbon to close and added the tag.

This is the cup from Mom's English Garden Set.
SVG Attic's Mom's English Garden Tea Cup

If you have ever wanted to try this cupcake holder and shied away from it,
go for it! It's easy peasy! And the possibilities are endless!  You will be seeing
me use it again and again! 

SVG Attics Sweet Shop Party Cupcake Holder
All the paper is by Craft Smith ~ Tea Party 12x12 Paper Pad

I hope your weekend is filled with crafty goodness!



  1. Such a delightful project! The papers you used are perfect.

  2. Wow you are really a crafting queen! Awesome pieces in your project. Love them all.