Friday, July 3, 2015

Remembering My Dad ~ with Cyndy G.

I fell in love with the JGW Happy Trails when I first saw it and I knew I wanted to make a hat just like the one I remember my Dad wearing.  I decided to make a western picture frame and thought this photo of my Dad would work perfectly.

Western picture frame

My Dad was a big man, 6'7" and he liked to wear big turquoise rings, 
so I found a turquoise stone to put on the hat.

3d Paper cowboy hat

The paper for the boot, I've had for awhile.  It's from October Afternoon.  You will love this boot.  It goes together nicely.  I've tried other boot files and couldn't get them to look right but I love this one.

3d paper boot

For the frame I used the Stable from JGW Nativity Boxes 4 - Stable.  
I embossed all the pieces with wood grain.  It worked perfectly!

Close up of picture frame

I hope you have enjoyed my project today.

Do what inspires you,
Cyndy G.


  1. An absolutely amazing collections of files and you put them together seamlessly. Absolutely a masterpiece!

    1. Thank you Beth. These files are so well made it makes creating things fun :)

  2. This is just beautiful ... LOVE every piece you made.