Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Milestone Cake ~ with Cyndy

I hope everyone enjoyed the Hop this past weekend!  We sure enjoyed hosting.  Congratulations to the winners.  I hope to see some of your projects on our facebook page.

This weekend my sister celebrated a milestone, she turned 40.  I wanted to make her something special.  So I searched Google and came across a milestone cake.  I started thinking, I could do something like that, not baking it, out of paper.

I had fun deciding what to put on the cake.

3d Cake box with life milestones
Milestone cake

Close up of "Vintage" title on cake and beautiful red roseMilestone cake

3d paper milestone cake3d paper milestone cake

I am pleased with how it turned out.  I used the following kits to create this cake:

SDS 3D Cake Box Kit
Be Mine - Rose
Classic Wedding SVG Collection - Bride & Groom
SDS Flourished Spring - Trees & Clouds
JGW Nativity Boxes Holy Family - Baby
JGW House Rules - House

I also used two files that are legacy kits and are being reworked.  They will be back on the site once they have been updated.  Aged to perfection and Feel Better Soon.

I best thing about doing a project that takes several kits is that we are having a 25% off sale right now.  So you can stock up on some of the kits you have been wanting to get.

It has been fun sharing with you today.

Do What Inspires You,
Cyndy G


  1. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I love picking out the details from all those different sets. This was a great idea for your sister, one that can be treasured for a very long time!

    1. Thank you Beth, I just love what we can do with these wonderful kits! :)

  2. This is so so awesome !! Love it Cyndy ;)

    1. Thank you Angeline :) I delivered to my sister's office and she loved it! She said "I was't expecting anything like this". :)

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  4. What a great idea! Hope you don't mind if I "steal" it for my best friend's 50th birthday. It is lovely.

    1. I would love to see your version of the cake! My sister loved it, I'm sure your friend will too :)