Friday, January 29, 2016

Dino Mike ~ with Cyndy G

Happy Friday!  Today I am sharing the T-Rex 3D Figure from the JGW Dino Dig kit.  This was a special request from my youngest son for his birthday.  So I asked him "What color would you like your dinosaur?"  my son replied "Red and blue."  Really???  These aren't the first colors that come to mind when you think of a dinosaur but I like the finished project.

3d paper dinosaur

This file was so fun to make and not to complicated.

3d paper dinosaur

Just as you would expect T-Rex was a huge hit.

Young boy holding 3d paper dinosaur

Thank you for stopping by :)

Do what inspires you,
Cyndy G


  1. He looks like he really enjoyed his dinosaur! Great job on it.

    1. Thank you Beth. My daughter said "You never made anything like that before." lol. No I hadn't. Love this Dino.