Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter Fun with Tracy

Tracy here from The Idea Closet and I am so excited to share my newest creation with you.

Today I am celebrating the cold and snow that is happening outside my window.

To create my project I used two different files from SVG Attic

JGW Winter Friends Canister

(one of my favorites that I have used many times)

The Canister was easy to do. Jodi gives perfect instructions here, All I had to do was cut it out and assemble.  
I wanted it to be a little different so I used purple and blue papers instead of your typical black.

I also added two snowflakes to the hat with foam pop dots and left the heart off.  
This was an fun project and it went together really quickly.

I am going to have to make all of the canisters now because I loved how cute it turned out.

The second project took a little more time but still wasn't difficult.
First I created the wreath stand.  
*Make sure you fill the bottom with something heavy before you close it all up. I used dried black beans.  The wreath is a little heavy and the stand tipped over before I put the beans in it. 

To make the wreath,  use two circles to create a base.
Next, make a bunch of copies of the snowflake from the canister set.  
Create 3 different sizes and then cut them from white, grey, light and dark blue and purple card stock.

Glue the largest snowflakes to the bottom of the wreath.
Add layers of more snowflakes using Foam Pop Dots to fill in the wreath until you get the desired affect you are looking for.

For the finishing touch, lightly spray the wreath with spray adhesive and then shake glitter across it.
(Not to much, its just to add a little shimmer to the snowflakes.)

When everything is dry, hang your wreath on the hanger and watch as everyone oohs and awhs!

Come on over and visit me at The Idea Closet and...
Happy Crafting!


  1. WOW!! This is BEAUTIFUL. love the colors you made and that snowflakes wreath is amazing!

  2. This is such a darling winter duo! I love the addition of purple to the traditional blue and white of winter projects. You did a wonderful job on it all!

  3. Love them both Tracy. I'd like to make the wreath to put on my front door if I could figure out how to make it big enough- would take gurbundles of snow flakes I imagine. I do have a glass storm door in front of the house door, so 'maybe' it would work?

  4. Such wonderful projects! I love how you made the wreath!