Sunday, November 26, 2017

Colorful Christmas

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving :-) I hope everything went according to plan and all are happy and full.
Today I want to show a small project I've been meaning to make for quite some time now. I admit I was a bit intimidated by it, but lately some of my projects have been rather challenging so I looked at it again and thought: Naaahhhh you can do it!
I'm talking about the cute Candy Cane Box from the JGW Santas Repose kit 

It's made from Rouge AC Cardstock and the stripes are some thin washi tape I found in my stash. Made it very easy to wrap.
The pinecone is made from Chestnut AC Cardstock and decorated with two types of glitter so it looked frosted.
Finally the holly is made from Pine and Spinach AC Cardstock and decorated with Cricket POW Glitter paper from AC.
I am really surprised how easy everything was to make and assemble - what was I fearing???? Sometimes you just have to tell that head of yours to be quiet and dive in!
I stuffed this baby full of red, green and purple Skittles and it's all ready as gift for a lucky someone.
Thanks for stopping by today - ahead is a full month of Christmas with lots of creative projects, yummy treats and lots of cozy moments with friends and family.....Oooooooh I'm so excited!