Thursday, December 7, 2017

My First Wreath

Hello and thanks for joining me once again on the blog this week :-)
Just a quick post to show you my first ever wreath.
I have always been intimidated by wreaths. The idea of having to decorate it yourself like a flower arrangement, is just a no-go for me. I'm terrible at arranging flowers and the like.
But then I discovered the Folded Star Sprigs 3D Wreath from the JGW Colonial Christmas kit and I jumped to the challenge.

I used AC Cardstock in Spinach for the ring and the outside sprigs and Spinach, Leaf and Moss for the filler sprigs. I made more than shown in the tutorial to make the wreath look a bit fuller.
I didn't make the stars like Jodi did, because they are very similar to some folded stars that are traditional here in Denmark and that I have tons of since my mom and Mother-in-Law folded or actually braided lots for me (I just can't seem to get the hang of it ) The only difference between my stars and Jodis is that mine are double sided as to Jodis being one-sided (and proberbly a lot easier to glue down) I used hot glue to glue down the stars and the small silver baubles.
All in all this wreath was very easy to assemble. The only difficulty I had, was gluing the ring together but it doesn't have to be perfect since it's going to be covered with sprigs anyways.
Thanks for joining me today - stay tuned for more Christmas projects soon.
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  1. It’s beautiful! I love those stars. Using the extra greenery makes it look very plush. Well done, Helle!
    My Great Aunt Teddy (1st Generation German American) lovingly made them in the 1950’s and would dip them in paraffin and old chunky German glass glitter. I loved them so. My mother threw them all out because they were “old fashioned”. Just one of her more foolish moves.
    Kris P

  2. Thanks Kris - What an awesome idea with the paraffin and glitter.....I need to try that :-)