Sunday, December 17, 2017

Belongs to Frosty

Hello and happy 3rd Sunday in Advent.
Today I want to show you the cute Christmas decoration I made using the hat from the JGW Frosty Topper kit.

This was both a challenge and so much fun to make.
I used AC Cardstock in Black and Charcoal for the hat and added the snowflake made from double-sided adhesive sprinkled with glitter to make it look frosty.

Then I went to town with Fir Sprigs in Forrest AC Cardstock and Leafy Sprigs in Spinach along with a Pinecone in Chestnut AC Cardstock.

I also made him a Corncob 3d Pipe in AC Cardstock Butter and Caramel and two thick buttons in Sky, Blue Jay, Chestnut and Chocolate Cardstock and tied some white raffia onto them as string.

Finally I added some different decor pieces like the berries, the small glass baubles and the Spanish moss and Voila! It was done.
Usually I haven't got the first idea on how to make a Christmas Decoration - but I think I got away with this one - don't you?
Thanks for joining me today....Christmas is almost here, but I still have a few things up my sleeve.

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  1. Oh my, Helle, you’ve done it AGAIN. Frosty’s Hat 🎩 is WONDERFUL!!! Honestly, everything about is so fun, but hat corncob pipe is the greatest. You must be surrounded with CHRISTMAS! Have a wonderful one!
    Kris P

  2. Thanks Kris - yes it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :-D

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! Frosty would be so proud to wear this work of art!