Monday, October 28, 2013

Versatile Borders by Jearise

 Today I am going to go back in time and use one of the earlier sets to make a project. I used Erin's Scalloped Trims to make this bookmark. 

Erin's Scalloped Trims

I selected a scalloped border and took it into my eClips eCAL cutting program. I duplicated one of the borders and then flipped it. I made a rectangle that was 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. I placed the scalloped edges on each side of the rectangle so they overlapped and matched up on the ends. I then did a select all and union and there was my bookmark.

These Erin's Scalloped Trims are very versatile for many different crafting projects besides making a bookmark you can also use them for a border on a card or tag.

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