Saturday, April 5, 2014

Greetings Everyone!  We have some big news around the corner as we roll out the new inspiration team (I-team).  We had some great applicants and I know that you will be very inspired by the fun projects they create.  So let me tell you a little more about who we are.

Our names are Kenzie and Mike Daley.  We are owners and designers for Snapdragon Snippets and SVG Attic.  We have been in business since 2009 and have 3000+ designs.   We have been sharing them mostly on Silhouette Online store.  We currently live in the Houston area of Texas with our 4 small kids ranging from 7-3 (two boy/two girls).  As you can guess we are pretty busy.

            Born and Raised:  Utah
            Places I've Lived:  Utah, Michigan, California, and Texas
            Style   Sparatic, a little bit of everything (3D, 2D, cartoony, realistic, elegant, and everything else)
            Favorite Design- 3D Stilleto Shoe  (Still coming)

I am a graphic designer who has dabbled in just about everything from painting, to jewelry, to digital and the list goes on.  Most of my time is spent wrangling small children.  When they finally go to bed is when I find most of my creativity.  I'm a night owl and it isn't uncommon for me to work late into the night.  I love making fun projects and look forward to showing off many more of them on SVG Attic in the near future.

            Born and Raised:  Arizona
            Places I've Lived:  Arizona, Utah, Argentina, Michigan, California, and Texas
            Style   Mostly 3D,  I try to stick with Manly stuff, I'm not always successful
            Favorite Design- 3D Biplane  (Don't worry it will be coming soon).

I am a Mechanical engineer by trade and currently work full time at the Railroad (yep I still play with trains).  I started with Kenzie helping her with the math and geometry of 3Ds.  I'm a functional guy while Kenzie helps me make them stylish.  She balances me well.  I handle most of the business end and customer service. I look forward to work with the great inspiration team and helping to put out many more wonderful kits.


  1. A wonderful introduction to you two! Great family picture and LOVE those two designs :)

  2. Beautiful family! Beautiful designs!

  3. Hi Mike & Kenzie,

    So nice to get to know you and your beautiful children, how blessed you are!!! Wishing your precious family a lifetime of Peace, Love and Joy!


  4. What a beautiful and sweet family. Love that plane

  5. I"m excited to see all your new designs. I bought most of svg attic files when she was selling them for cheap! For sure I'll be watching for that plane!

  6. Beautiful designs! Lovely picture!! You have a beautiful family!! Nice to know you!

  7. I want that plane! Great family, wonderful intro! Can't wait to get to know you better!

  8. Gorgeous family! and I "met" your designs first, I have them all! Just need time to create with all of them ;)