Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introducing I-Team Member ~ Angeline Choo

Hello everybody! 
I'm Angeline Choo from ScrappyScrappy and I am more then delighted to announce that I am staying for another term on SVG Attic's I-team. *YAY*! 

I must say that I have grown very fond of my team and enjoy designing here.
Thank you Mike & Kenzie for having giving me the opportunity again.

A little about myself..

I am from Malaysia - that's like literally the other end of the world from most of you are. If you are from there too, do say Hello :)

I am an IT-geek by day and a crafter by night (or whenever possible!)

I started crafting just a few years ago - where I wanted to do a mini album for my wedding (I totally had no clue AT ALL about scrappy stuff) and spent hours after hours on Youtube learning how to do so.... and so, my crafting journey began.

Here are a few of my past favorite projects I have made 

Have a lovely wonderful Easter week! :)



  1. Yay! I'm glad you're back too! I have enjoyed getting to know you. I love the projects you choose to share. I especially love the book! :)

  2. Amazing projects! I love the letters and flowers. Did you use washi tape on the letters? I look forward to getting to know everyone on the team.

  3. your work is always amazing and an inspiration. hugs

  4. All of the projects you have here are so wonderful! I am so excited to see what you create in the next 6 months :)

  5. Thanks ladies :) Looking fwd to all of your projects too.

    Lisa, yups I did use washi tape on the wooden letters.. ;)