Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Birds and the Trees

One of my favorite trees in the yard is starting to get little buds on it! Since the cherry blossom tree only blooms for a brief period, I decided to make a model of it!

To start with, I used the 3D Bare-Branched Tree.

I wanted the tree to have wood grain on it. I printed a wood grain pattern front and back on brown paper before I cut out each shape. Then I cut out flowers and leaves on white cardstock. Each flower and leaf is painted with color from my eBrush.

Each flower/leaf was then hand curled and a pearl attached to the center. To curl the flower petals and speed up the time, I simply put them in the tip of an eBrush adapter and pushed it through with the bottom of a quilling tool.

The only downside to doing it this way was the more the glue dried on the pearls, many of them popped off so I had to reattach them again!

After all the flowers were complete it was time to add the leaves. I decided to do the leaves now so I wouldn't have to try and attach them to a 3D surface!

Next I made a birdhouse (not pictured yet) from the Home Tweet Home set.

And what is a birdhouse without a bird to occupy it?! So I used the 3D Birdie Box from the same set (Home Tweet Home). However, because I was working with a tree, I wanted the house and the birds to be somewhat to scale.

Which means reducing the sizes of the files considerably! I started the bird's off by cutting them out of white cardstock. Then I was able to paint them the color of my choice with the eBrush.

Once assembled, it was no larger than the dime.

I then cut out the grass from SnapDragon Snippets 'Grass and Borders' file and their 'Flourished Flower' set.

Once I put it all together, I think it flowed nicely together to capture my favorite cherry blossom tree!

I sure hope we are well on our way to spring!

Project inspiration found at:

Materials Used:
Craftwell eBrush for coloring detail
Sharpies for eBrush
Silhouette Cameo for designing and cutting
White cardstock
Brown cardstock
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider for adhesive
Original Tacky Glue

SVG Attic/SnapDragon Snippet Files:


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    1. My Bad, I put Beth but I realized showing this off to Kenzie. Very very amazing work.

  2. Sonja, this is absolutely amazing! I love EVERYTHING you added to this tree. You rock! I have NO idea how you assembled that little birdie!

  3. Sonja I'm just in awe. This is truly a work of art!

  4. Holy Smokes, Sonja! This is so beautiful!

  5. This is stunning! Mind blowing work!!

  6. This is an amazing project! I love all the details! :)

  7. WOW!!! This is absolutely HARD WORK and lots of patience. You did so well. Glad to have you on the team :)

  8. Wonderful stuff. So imaginative, and such gangbuster scale. Don't know how you made that birdie so small!

  9. I am blown away! Do much detail! This is beautiful.