Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mason Jar Treats

Nothing says Fall like Mason Jars.

Tracy here from the Idea Closet sharing my newest project from SVG Attic.

Jam, pie filling, apple sauce or even pickles, it doesn't matter, ever since I was a little girl, September was the month to bottle.  Soon after I got married my Grandmother gave me  ALL  of her jars. Every September when I pull them out, I think of her.

That's why I love these beautiful mason jars from the JGW Canning Essentials Kit.

Fill the Paper Mason Jars with your favorite fall candy (chocolate and caramel right?) Then share them with some one special.

The jars are easy to put together and Jodi has all the instructions here.

To add a little bit of color to the jars, use printed card stock in the smaller windows instead of the acetate (or transparency).

The pattern also comes with instructions to make a fabric topper.
I wanted to use some of the printed paper on the lid so instead of the topper I added ribbon, twine and leaves.

This was such a fun project I hope you will try it then share your design with us on Facebook.


  1. Oh my gosh, YES! Jars, jars, jars! I absolutely love your take on those canning jars. Tis the canning season :)

  2. I love this file! Your jars look great! :)