Monday, March 7, 2011

My project for the day!

Here is my project for the day. I made each of my boys one for their Easter baskets.

Peeps Box

As you can see on the last image, I changed how it would be opened and shut. I decided that since the doors of the advent calendar did not stay closed and were difficult to open, that I would add ribbon to open and close easier.


I chose the #22 box of the advent calendar.
Resized the #22 inside box height ONLY to 1.606 (don't forget to UNCHECK "keep proportions").
You will find the door cover for box #22 in the "pale_green.svg" file under the "Doors" directory.

I used the "peeps_top.svg" file from the Easter Morning Egg Hunt collection and seperated them to create a single peep!

I chose the colors blue and orange because those were the color peeps the boys chose in the store.

My entire inspiration for this project I owe to my 9 year old son, Tyler. As we walk into Wal-Mart, he screams "Pee-pees!". Oh my gosh did my face turn red and YES, I quickly corrected him! :)
Kids... too cute!


  1. Oh, I'm your first follower here! I love this idea with the advent calendar thing - very clever! and I see my button on the right! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Me too,i love the idea with the Calender! I would not have thought of this! Cool!! And you box turned out so cute!!!

  3. love the idea!very cute project.

  4. Oh my - saw this on the forum but did not realize you used the advent calendar - very creative!

  5. Good Idea!
    Well welcome to the craft stalking world!

  6. What a great idea! Adorable!

  7. It's too cute!! <3 If only "pee-pees" didn't taste so gross... LOL
    Did you weld several #22 together?

  8. No I didn't have to weld. I will be posting directions here and on forum later tonight. I have had several requests for detailed instructions!

  9. The instructions for creating this box are located here... . If you should repost this or create it, please give credit to me with a link to my blog to this post :). Please give credit to for their files and link back to the collections that are used! :)