Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WAY Out of this World!

So today I was going to create ALL of Tyler's birthday party necessities... (DECORATIONS), but I only had time to do this... while running after ETHAN! :) Ethan is refusing to take naps the last two days. I don't like it. I need my "nap time" too! ;)

So here it is. Tyler's birthday card!





The spaceman is actually attached to a coil of black wire as if he were floating in space. He springs and jiggles when you open the card. I am not finished with this YET, but I will not be posting anymore pics (I dont think). I will be too busy preparing for a birthday party on Saturday. My baby is turning TEN!


As always I used SVG Cuts files.
Out of this world and Waterfall Card svg collections.

I used the cupcakes card from the Waterfall as a template.
Instead of the background, I sized the Jupiter files to be the background.
I then added aliens, shooting star, stars, and galaxy to the "streamers" square located in the "colors_*.svg files.

I hope he likes it! :)


  1. Love what you did with the waterfall card.... Looks fabulous.

  2. Wow wow wow!! So impressed!! :O

  3. Awesome! I LOVE it! :-D (and I hear you with the little one refusing to nap, not an option for the crafty mom!! :-S)

  4. You're one amazing woman to try to make this while running after your child! Wow - your creativity is out of this world! I'm loving your crafts!!! Keep making more!!

  5. Thienly, you have no idea how many times I had to come back to it and put it up in case the dog decided he wanted to jump on my table. I know he is going to love it. He loves everything I do, even if it ends up looking like a preschooler did it. LOL Right now, I am making a leprechaun trap with my son, it's a tradition every year and it will be featuring ONLY svgcuts files and every file can be used in the challenge. Tyler of course is helping me. He just loves learning to use the cricut and SCAL2. I love that he loves it... I will have my very own little craft buddy! :)