Sunday, May 8, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder???

I sure hope this is true... *dusts off cobwebs*.

I am so so sorry for being absent lately. My little home business has taken off and has taken up most of my time! I wanted to post some photos of my latest work and where you will be able to purchase it soon! I hope all of you hard working mothers out there had a terrific day!

My son wrote me a poem I wanted to share... He is 10.

M is for Mom, because you are.
O is for Orange because you are sweet.
T is for Talent on your lovely cooking ,
H is for Hand Ball cause you are very good,
E is for Embrace because you love me,
R is for Reliable because you help me when I need it.

My mom is the greatest because...
She always is mindful of my problems. Also she loves me so much it makes me want to cry. Best of all she always cares about me and my dad and my brother. That is why my mom is the greatest!


So here are photos of the latest collections and you can purchase them HERE!

3D Flowers

Cookie Boxes

Holds a single cookie!

Makes a pretty gift box for your neighbor, co-worker, or anyone!

Thanks for looking!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


  1. Awww... your son's poem is soo sweet :) I'm so touched! I LOVE your 3D flowers. They look amazing! Good luck in your new journey - be patient, don't lose track of where you're headed to, and you'll be sure to succeed!

  2. Your kind words always make me smile! *hugs* Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  3. Hi Jessica:
    The link to purchase the single cookie box (heart theme) is a dead link. Can you tell me how much 200 of them would be?