Thursday, May 19, 2011

Office Boxes

How many of you like reaching for the boring envelope box? Not me! I love to have everything girly, and when paying bills, reaching for an embellished and blinged out checkbook box makes paying bills a lot easier and fun!

Whip up some fantastic creations with my newest collection, go on.. be the next rumor at the office, I dare you!

Business Size Envelope Box

You are sure to have all eyes on you when you pull out your custom made envelope box at the office. People will be waiting in line to borrow an envelope just to get a closer look at your box.
Stores up to 100 business sized envelopes.

Tall A2 Card and Envelope Box

Make heads turn and eyes roll when you whip out this box at the office or your next crop party! Holds up to 100 A2 sized Envelopes or 25 Embellished A2 sized Cards and Envelopes.

Business Card Box

Perfectly fits your business cards. Why hide your name in a boring box? Features a window slot to see if you are getting low and provides for easy access!

Checkbook Box

 Mama never said paying bills was easy... or fun! Not anym
ore! With this adorable checkbook box, make paying bills fun and sexy. Embellish with your favorite colors and bling!

Flat A2 Card and Envelope Gift Boxes

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Wrap your homemade A2 sized cards and envelopes in these cute boxes. Re-usable box and features thumb slots for easy opening! Make them in "hinged" and "non-hinged" styles.

You can find this collection and many of my other designs over at SVG Place !


  1. These are a great idea! Anyone could use these! Well done!

  2. The above was me! Anyway, I've never seen boxes made for office supplies! Unique and clever! Well done!

  3. Very cool boxes! I have blog awards for you if you'd like them.

  4. WOW! Thank you for the blog awards! :) I'm so happy!