Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sitting Santa ~ with Cyndy

I have to admit I love everything Christmas!  I am one of those people who can hardly wait for Thanksgiving weekend so I can decorate and start playing Christmas carols.  For my post today I am sharing my Sitting Santa.  I made him using the following kits:

JGW Sam the Scarecrow  -  Cut all scarecrow pieces to size (except face)
Winter Fun Photo Props  -  Santa
Cozy Christmas Captions  -  Believe

I love the way he turned out!  My mom thought he was made of wood.

I used the body pieces of the scarecrow ledge sitter and the only thing I changed was the size of the gloves.  I sized mine to 3.360 x 4.144  (make sure to uncheck the keep proportions box.).  I wanted mine to be a little smaller.

3d paper Santa ledge sitter

Fur around pants - Winter Photo Props/Santa  -  Hat top (white) 3.329 x 2.224 (uncheck keep proportions)

For his face and hat I used the Winter Photo Props - Santa file with the following dimensions:

Close up of Santa's face

Hat - 5.682 width (keep proportions)
Glasses - 5.564 width (keep proportions)
Beard - 7.043 x 5.740 (uncheck keep proportions)
Mouth - Basic shapes  - circles - red and black
Eyes - I used the oval from the scarecrow eye
           White - .739
            Black - .543

How I made the hat in Sure Cuts A Lot  -
For the hat I used part of the leg from the scarecrow (the part the curves to make the knee). Shown below is the piece I made (on mat) next to the leg piece (off mat).  I used the back minus front command to cut this piece down.

instructions for assembly

To do this place your piece on the mat and break it apart.  Next select a basic shape (I used a square) and make it big enough to cover the part you want to delete.  Then select both pieces (basic shape and piece to cut) go to Path/back minus front and the part you have under the square should be gone (If it's not, undo and then bring your square to the front and try again).

Instructions for assembly

After you do this you should still have the dashed lines on your mat.

Next select the piece of the leg you have left and copy/paste in place.  Move this piece down using the double arrow to move it down to the last tab.  Select both pieces and go to Path/Union.  Don't worry about the extra dashes, you can just leave them or break apart that piece and delete them.

instructions for assembly

To finish the piece select all pieces and group then uncheck keep proportions and size the piece to 2.157 x 10.091.  This should be big enough to go around the hat just above the ball all the way around.

TIP - for the back of the Santa make sure you flip the hat and hat fur pieces before you cut them so they are a mirror image of the ones on the front, especially if you use a patterned paper.

3d paper Santa ledge sitter - next to Christmas tree

I decided he needed a belt and I used basic shapes to make one.  I used the rectangle and the square frame.

Close up of sign that reads "Believe"

As a finishing touch I used the Believe caption from Cozy Christmas Captions.  I sized the width to 9.021 (keep proportions) and used some cute clothes pins I found at Michaels in their dollar bin a few weeks ago.

Scene of Santa sitting in little chair holding Believe sign next to Christmas Tree

And there he is my Sitting Santa.  I would love to see your version of the sitting Santa!

Merry Christmas,
Cyndy G