Friday, November 4, 2016

Pumpkin Box ~ with Cyndy G.

Happy Friday.  Wow, I can hardly believe Halloween is behind us and Thanksgiving is just three weeks away!  Today I am sharing the Pumpkin Wedge Box, from JGW Pumpkin Grin,  I made for my Thanksgiving table.  This box looks amazing when it is finished.  I must admit, this one is definitely for the advanced paper crafter.  Just take your time and in the end you will love what you come out with.

JGW Pumpkin Grin

I used AC cardstock for the the base and the decorative paper is Adrienne Looman's Family Traditions.  You can get the digital version of this paper at Snap Click Supply Co.

3d svg pumpkin box

The ribbon I had in my stash of craft supplies.  This is a big pumpkin!  I hope you have enjoyed my project today and if you decide to tackle this project, I would love to see pictures on our facebook page.  Happy crafting :)

Do what inspires you,
Cyndy G.


  1. Beautiful job on it. It does look a little intimidating but worth it in the end. I can just image how perfect it looks in the middle of your table.

  2. Looks awesome - like the rustic shape :-)