Saturday, October 7, 2017

Meet My Mom.....

Today I want to show you the little cutesy 3D spider I made from the JGW 3D Witch kit.

I made him of Black AC Cardstock and he’s sooo easy to assemble. Otherwise looky here: Needles ‘n’ Knowledge – spider assembly. The eyes are from Doodlebug Design BooVille Shape Sprinkles.

He is just perfect and matches the rest of my HUGE Halloween decor collection

But wait…..what????? EEK!!!! Here’s Mommy…..

You can make the spider almost as big as you want but I just enlarged her so her legs fitted the 12×12 mat and the body likewise.
They do make a cute pair – don’t they?
And here’s Daddy...

I guess he’s lucky to still be alive as female spiders usually eat their mate after mating. He does look a bit terrified so maybe the danger isn’t over yet ;-)

Here’s a pic of the “happy” family.

Thanks for joining me today - hope you're not too afraid of my spiders :-D

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  1. Hahaha! Love it! A whole spider long as they are made out of paper and not the real thing ;)

  2. LOL - yeah I OK with the paper edition too....Real spiders this size - no way!!!