Friday, October 27, 2017

Witches Gather with Lisa

Happy Friday, everyone! Lisa from The Relativity of Paper sharing one last Halloween project with you for the year featuring the JGW 5"x7" Marquee and Witch Hat 3D Bow Rocker Card from the new JGW Witches Gather Kit

How To
  • Assemble the 5"x7" Marquee following the tutorial over on Needles 'n' Knowledge Blog - Mini Marquee Signs omitting the lights. To cover the holes I used the solid frame (K) and enlarged it to cover the holes, turning the marquee into a frame. Set aside to dry.
  • Be sure to check out the tutorial on the Witch Hat 3D Bow Rocker Card over on the Needles 'n' Knowledge Blog to become familiar with the pieces. The first step is to move piece B, E, F and G to the cutting mat in your design software to reduce the size to fit inside the frame. Once you have the four pieces cut out, assemble the bow (E,F,G), let dry, add 3 layers of 3D mounting foam to the back of the hat (B), adhere bow to front of hat, let dry, then center in the frame and adhere using the mounting foam. 
  • I created a full size Witch Hat 3D Bow Rocker Card to set to the side. The Rocker Card is super simple following the tutorial provided by Jodi, Witch Hat with Bow Rocker Card.

You can find all the details on my blog. 
As always, thanks for joining us today!
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