Sunday, October 8, 2017

Too Cute To Spook

Hello and happy Sunday :-)

Today I want to show you the cute Halloween Lanterns I made from the SDS Glowing Halloween kit

I wanted them to be cute and not too scary as I am giving them to a special Family School that I attend with my youngest son who has ADHD. This school only has about 8 families at a time - mostly Mother and child and is a place where children who has difficulties being in their own school/class can come and get help with these difficulties.

So I made the lanterns with AC Cardstock in Black, Cricket, Blossom, White and Squash along with patterned paper from Doodlebug's "Boos and Brews" and "BooVille" - these papers are just perfect for this project.....don't you think?


As I know that the lights in  these lanterns will be turned on and off every day and this might cause the bottom contraption to tear,  I adjusted the bottom slightly to make an easier access for the candle.

Here's how and what I did on my Silhouette Cameo:

1. I placed the shape (for keeping the candle in place) on top of the bottom shape and chose "release compound path."

2. Then I removed the square and left the circle in the bottom shape.
3. I then chose "release compound path" on the bottom shape.
4. I removed the square from the bottom shape and chose "make compound path" on the remaining shapes.
5. This is what it should look like.
6. I finally cut out the piece along with 4-5 shapes for the candle-holding.
This way the candle rests on the table and is easily accessible to turn on and off. Should you want to hang the lantern instead, do not use this method as nothing is holding the candle.
I really can't wait to see the kids reaction to these cute colorful lanterns. Halloween is still a pretty new thing here in Denmark but its becoming more and more normal year after year. Still there is a HUGE lack of Halloween decor and I've taken it on as my personal mission to make and bring in more of it everywhere I go :-D
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  1. Helle, they will fully fulfill his purpose. I think it's very playful Halloween. Love the colors. Very nice done :-)...

  2. You rocked this set Helle! Got them done fast. Love the paper choices.