Friday, July 22, 2016

Pet Gifts with Lisa

Hi and welcome, everyone. Lisa from In the Crafting Cave bringing you a few ways to present Pet gifts. I think often times we forget that some people consider their pets to be their children, especially, couples who can't have children. And how sad that we don't acknowledge their fur babies. I was one of those people, and I say let's give "Pet Parents" and their babies some love, too! So here are a few ideas next time you want to give a Pet gift.

With just a few SVG Attic Files you will be passing out these cute Pet gifts yourself.

I created the Fire Hydrant Treat Box using the JGW Little Fire Chief Kit, the gift card holder using the SVGA Holiday Cheer Gift Boxes, and the card using the paw print from SVGA Jack's Tracks.
One of the best things about all the Kits listed, they can be used for multiple projects. The Little Fire Chief Kit makes for an awesome birthday party or load that fire hydrant up with homemade cookies for your local fire department. Holiday Cheer Gift Boxes can be used for any occasion just by changing papers. Jack's Tracks actually has a few items that can be used for multiple purposes, too

We all know people who love pets. Here's a fun way to tell them how awesome they are!

Gift cards are great for new pet owners!

My sweet girl had her own cookie jar that was a red fire hydrant, inspiration comes from all around us.

Such a fun way to give a Pet gift!

As always, thanks for joining us and we hope you have a fantastic weekend
Join me over on blog, In the Crafting Cave, and I will have a list of pet related papers and embellishments to help you create your Pet gifts.

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