Monday, April 7, 2014

Let's Get Acquainted: Jodi G. Warner

Hello. My name is Jodi G. Warner, and I am the third design core member of the SVG  team. My collegiate degree and training is in textiles & design, and for the past 30+ years I have been a professional quilt maker, pattern designer and teacher. (You can find my quilting project patterns here.) 

After much coaxing by designer daughter Kenzie, I agreed to do some styling and blog posting for her other venture, SnapDragon Snippets (SDS).  I began to envision ways to use cut designs for decorative projects. Pictured above is one of several 3d letter box ensembles I completed using SDS designs. You can view other projects and inspiration at my blog:

In late 2012 my "blogger" status was re-evaluated. I was invited to get training, then join the Daley team as a regular designer. HEAVEN! My stylings incorporate elements from my previous applique and patchwork projects, but I also specialize in unique cards, 3d boxes and vinyl word art.  I retire at night thinking of my next designs, and wake up early eager to fire up my laptop and get started. (I work best early in the morning - a throw-back to a time when my 3 young children would still be asleep.) Here is one of my favorite 3d box designs (to be made available soon through SVG Attic).
I live in the beautiful intermountain west where we celebrate all FOUR seasons. The view out my studio window includes a golf course mini-lake, a broad valley, and three-sided mountain horizon. I have also lived in Missouri (graduate school) and in Paris, France (study abroad). Our family includes husband, one daughter and two sons, and four of the world's most amazing grand kids.

Looking forward to sharing designs and ideas for the most fun paper crafting on the planet!


  1. You make the cutest projects! I love that you incorporate quilt designs into paper crafting, it is so inspirational!

  2. Thanks, Beth. It is inspiring to see what you do, likewise. Glad to have this association, all FUN!

  3. Lovely projects!! Nice yo know about you!

  4. Love your projects and tutorials. I made the scarecrow and am working on the Grow one now!

  5. Wonderful creations! Looking forward to your projects and inspiration. Happy Crafting!

  6. That bluebird is one of my all-time favorite 3D projects! I'm so glad to get to know the designer behind it!

    1. Nice to be ratified by another crafter. Working on a "companion" red bird with a nest for spring. Hope you'll like that one, too

  7. So nice to "meet" you! Love the way you styled the "Grow" project photo! So cute!!!

    Peace, Love and Joy,

  8. How talented! So so happy to make your acquaintance and be part of SDS! Love your designs! ...but you know that already ;)

  9. Wow! That is one awesome project! I am definitely following you!