Wednesday, August 16, 2017

All About Apples

Looking forward to fall?
Tracy here from  the Idea Closet.
I love summer; I love the heat, I love all the activities in summer and I love staying up late and sleeping in.
I also enjoy fall, the cooler temperatures(its suppose to reach 95 degrees today) and getting back into a schedule.

To celebrate the end of summer, I created some fun apple projects from SVG Attic.
This is the new  JGW Apple Dandy Collection.

The first project is this Quilt Patch Apple card.
Its a great project to use scrap paper and fill the patch work square.
The apple is layered and placed  on the card with foam pop dots. 
Tie a little bow with twine around the stem.

Next up is the apple tote. This is a perfect little box to use as a neighbor gift or for a teacher.
I tied the twine around the apple again and then on the handle and the cello bag.
Fill the bag with some caramel squares or other fun little treat.

Last is the Apple Dandy Tag.
Tie the tag to a bag and you have a great non -sugar gift ; or combine the apple with the tote with caramel and you have a carameled apple kit.
Who wouldn't want to receive that?

Visit SVG Attic and see what you can do with this new kit.

You can also checkout SVG Attic here:


  1. These projects are spot-on perfect! The papers are vivd and match the theme to a T. Fantastic job on it all!

  2. These are very cool! Esp love that wood grain bg paper on your card!