Sunday, August 6, 2017

Batty for Halloween

....yup you know it's me :-D It is my favorite Holiday of the year - bigger than Christmas. So I have to start early if I have to make it in time with all the new decorations to make. And today I also celebrate being a new Team Member on the SVG Attic Inspirations Team <3

This time I want to show you the two adorable Bats on Stands designed by Jodi G. Warner for SVG Attic (get them here) as part of an amazing Halloween collection JGW Night Enchantments:

For this projects I used lots of Black AC Cardstock and a little Wine and Leaf. I also used Graphic 45's "An Erie Tale" papers and black glitter paper (for the swirly parts of the bats) I inked all the edges of the black cardstock with a grey inkpad and used a dark brown inkpad for the patterned paper. I decided to make the bats a tad more scary by embellishing with some Halloween charms and adornments.

I really loved how easy these were to assemble. I originally intended to make only one of the bats but loved it so much, I had to make the other one too :-D
Here are some more pictures of the project:

I am really excited to be on the SVG Attic Team and look forward to making lots fun stuff in the future since they have all these amazing files to play with <3
Thanks for stopping by :-)

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  1. These are so fantastic! Beautiful bright color choices. Welcome, welcome to the team! We are so excited to have you on board!

  2. Thanks Beth - so happy to be on board :-)

  3. Fabulous project! I love the bright colors and the Graphic 45. So glad you are on the team! :)

    1. Thanks so much Cyndy :-) I so happy to be on the team :-)

  4. Those are SPOOKALICIOUS, Helle! Congratulations and well deserved!
    Kris P