Monday, May 19, 2014

Decorating My Cameo with Beth

So this is what I have been looking at while crafting ever since I got my Silhouette Cameo for Christmas.  You may say, what is wrong with that?  Nothing really, except I switched over from my Cricut Expression, which I had decorated with vinyl.  So I went from something pretty to something rather blah.  I don't do blah very well :)  Actually I am surprised I lasted this long without decorating it! goes a step-by-step tutorial on how I made my cameo from blah to beautiful!
 The first thing I did was use the cutting file that is built in the free Silhouette software to make a cover for my control panel.  I used one of my all time favorite paper stacks, Black Currant by DCWV.  I was pretty proud at how centered I got the print to be :)  This paper was my inspiration for the rest of the machine.
After looking for *just* the right file to use for vinyl, I came across the Tulip Damask file from SVG Attic.  It was perfect!  I cut two of the single files at 4" tall out of black vinyl.  I used my exacto knife to cut the vinyl of both designs just below the circle at the bottom as shown in the picture below.
Next, discard the outer frame from one of the designs, or you can add it to some other crafty project :)
Mark the center of your Cameo lid at the top and bottom.  Mine was at 7.5" or 19cm.  This will help you center your design.  Using transfer tape, carefully lift just the frame of the first design, keeping the center of the design still on the backing paper.  Apply the frame to the center of your Cameo lid.
Next add the flourishes, one on each side, overlapping the circle on the edge of the frame with the circle on the end of the flourish.  I just eyeballed this part, if you want you could also measure the center point of the lid from top to bottom to make sure they are centered.  At this point I also added my monogram using the GoudyHandtooled BT font.  I layered dark pink and black vinyl so the colors would match the paper on the control panel.
Last, but definitely not least, add whatever other embellishments you wish!  I added all kinds of bling :)  Four different sizes to be exact!
Here is the finished project and yes, I am thrilled with it!  I just love it when something turns out exactly like you picture it in your mind.  I can't help but smile when I see it :)
I hope I've inspire you to decorate whatever "blank canvas" you have from blah into beautiful!  If you do decorate your cutting machine with this design or another one from our site, we would love for you to share a picture of it on the SVG Attic Facebook page!

Also, don't forget to participate in the Anything Goes Contest that is on the SVG Attic Blog!  The contest ends May 31.

Have a wonderfully crafty day!

Beth's Beauties


  1. Brilliant. I love monograms. This one is lovely.

    1. Thanks Courtney! This was a lot of fun to make!

  2. Beth, this turned out beautifully!